Your Life in Your Hands

I am a Health and Wellbeing expert and Transitional Coach and Business Mentor and my Professional Career and Personal History makes me an Expert in My Field. I’m very Passionate about Motivating and Empowering Professionals, particularly Female entrepreneurs in Corporate roles where their job is destroying their soul, they experience Low-Self Esteem, confidence and struggle to find their passion and balance. I help them to discover what lies deep within and revive their Hidden Passion, Purpose and freedom to live the flexible Lifestyle they deserve. I currently teach a step by step programme on how to transition and move to the next level so you can become the best Version of you. I provide you with the Tools to “Find Your Balance” and Live a Freedom Lifestyle and Thrive is provided to the Professionals during my Mentor Sessions. I offer an Effective Mentoring Programme specifically for Corporate females and Professionals in the Region of Suffolk in United Kingdom. If you would like to work with me, or book me to speak, attend one of our seminars, or to enquire about my life changing coaching and mentoring programmes, you can email me at Alternatively Book a FREE 15 minute consultation @