Tom Cohen

My name is Tom. I am a 43 years old man, born in Israel, living in Vienna, Austria. I am a candidate to become a psychoanalyst and am enthusiastically taking part in the training that belongs to this path. In addition, I am a passionate skier who loves the mountains. Shyness has been my companion for many years until I decided to stop doing anything else until I have this issue resolved. I quit my job as a computer engineer and went on a 10 years quest to figure out if there is a "cure" to this psychological widespread phenomenon. Along the way, I tried many tips and tricks, to no avail. These included Spiritual, Tantra, Meditation, and all kind of other teachings that proved to be useless. I have a degree in Psychology from the Open University of Israel, and I am half way in the long and rewarding training to become a licensed therapist in Austria. Since I had left Israel and the safety of working in computer engineering, I have completed an MA in Business, BA in Psychology, worked as a web developer and a product manager in an international company headquartered in Vienna. I am now in my training to become a psychoanalyst. I am going through my own training analysis, and completing the many other requirements of the Austrian ministry to become a licensed therapist in Austria.