olimpia pino

Olimpia Pino is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Neurosciences at the University of Parma and prior to that she served as Professor at the Department of Psychology where she was responsible of the Master Program in Emergence Psychology and Psychotraumatology, besides a ten years period as researcher in the Department of Psychology at the University of Palermo. For many years she investigated the ways that people learn and recall in laboratory and everyday tasks with normal and impaired subjects. She also conduct research on the development of verbal behavior also using protocol analysis, or in the area of traumatic memory. She gradually took an interest in integration of biological and psychobiological models in health psychology context. She is also pioneering the use of a new device with Negative Air Ions to change syntoms in mood disturbances and improve neuropsychological performance. Currently in order to gain insight into ways that the human brain change as a function of educational experience, treatment or training with meditation technique, her research interests has been moved towards brain-computer-interaction, bio and neuro-feedback, and Brain Computer Interface Technologies. Her laboratory carried out a variety of projects in the areas of traffic psychology, public health, eyewitness, suggestibility and job related stress/burnout with particular implications for publicity and forensic fields. She has published over 80 manuscripts and most recently sits on the scientific and editorial board of a number of prestigious journals. Dr. Pino is interested in catalyzing interdisciplinay and collaborative research in the university and through extramural research partnering and providing public education on quality of care.