Skarlet Lu Realta @ Skolomanche Press

Internationally acclaimed author Skarlet Lu Realta writes her unique books for a singular purpose: To Make Magik Real. Her world-renowned novels, inspired by her own incredible and mysterious experiences, catapult the reader headlong into a thrilling world of magik where the paranormal becomes normal and fantasy becomes fact. She has appeared on television, film and radio, addressed large audiences from Australia to Antarctica, mentored people across the globe and established Skolomanche University delivering students an extensive series of Magik study programmes. She has immersed herself in the company of scientists, linguists, theosophists, archaeologists, hermetics and historians, to name but a few, decoding thousands of years of unsolved mythology as part of the epic stories she writes. Her books seamlessly weave and transcend many existing genres into an entirely new genre of its own: Magik. While being based in the UK, Skarlet travels extensively. Her love of travel, exploration and all things magik takes her to many very unusual places; places that become the backdrop to the storyworlds of all she writes.