Skip Simonds

Skip is a born again and spirit filled Christian who has been saved for more than four decades and in active ministry for more than two. But that hasn’t stopped him from being a father to three, a grandfather to seven, a successful businessman and consultant, as well as a decent golfer, passable photographer, and aspiring musician. In addition to founding and pastoring a significant work in South Portland, Maine; Skip has also written several books. Among them are The Motive Gifts, The Straight Skinny, and Get Over It. In addition he is the leader of numerous King/Warrior/Sage/Lover seminars and workshops for men which have been conducted internationally. Semi-retired, Skip lives on the coast of Maine and attends Family Christian Fellowship pastored by Dr. John and Linda Eckhardt with whom Skip has worked for more than two decades. Skip’s passion and gifting is clearly as a pastor/teacher. His teaching gift has been described as always being able to pull new things out of old topics. As a pastor, Skip is more of an “environmentalist.” He believes that when you provide folks with a loving and accepting environment, and give them permission to grow, folks always develop into the very best version of themselves. Skip’s ministry and life is characterized by grace...that he walks in himself and that he freely gives to others. He admits that he is less concerned about right and wrong, and much more involved with good versus evil. For more information about Skip and his ministry you can contact Family Christian Fellowship through their website ( or contact Skip directly at his email