Skye Dreamer

Skye Dreamer is an avid public speaker, passionate author, nature artist, gift economy explorer, event coordinator, and story teller. He expands his boundaries on a personal quest to dissolve illusion and unearth truth, love, and connection with others through personal healing, honesty, and courageous vulnerability. Skye has been experimenting with an Attitude of Gratitude and Living Within the Gift since leaving traditional employment in April 2012. His experiences at a community home called Eden’s Cove, based on a gifting model, became the launching point for a new chapter in life. With a strong passion for seeding gift culture, Skye took up a nomadic lifestyle in May 2013 to share, learn, teach, and connect with others in community to collectively create the more beautiful world our hearts know to be possible. Currently Skye travels the highways and byways of Earth giving from his most authentic heart-calling and sharing stories of a world based on cooperation, healing, community, giving, and deep connection. We all have our unique gifts to contribute to the unfolding collective dream; our piece to the newly emerging Story of the World. If you find him at a pot luck, community networking hub, healing circle, dream space, transformative festival, out in nature, or buying groceries, be sure to holla!