Nadia Finer

I'm Nadia Finer, and I'm a micro-business growth coach. I've got years of entrepreneurial and innovation experience, and I've also set up and run by own businesses - so I know all about the challenges you're facing. I've helped people start and grow all kinds of micro businesses: Minimum wage florist, grows her own flourishing flower school. Now, life is a bed of roses! Tanning expert goes from what list, to 2,000 subscribers in just 2 weeks. Hypnotherapist in a daze, wakes up. Stops dreaming, starts business. Put me under, baby! Beautiful beauty brand, gets a brilliant plan and lots of fresh ideas. Orders come flooding in from around the world. PE teacher with a genius idea, on track to launch life changing invention. He shoots, he scores. Make-up artist ditches kids' parties. Becomes darling of corporate entertaining. Let the money and champagne flow! So, whatever your business idea, or even if you don't have an idea yet - I can help. Oh, and because I understand that money might not be pouring in, (just yet!) I offer a range of coaching packages, to suit every budget.