Born and raised in St.Louis,MO known as 'Jay', or better known as 'Smooth'. This "Hit Maker", was known for his complicated style of music that took off quickly in the St.Louis Local Scene. With the support of his SUPPORTERS and immediate "Teammates" ranging from his artists from imperfectARTS, his partners J-Pzy aka Kountry P (GoldenBricks Publishing) and KeKe Rivers (RBG) or from his better known squads Triple A Amp Squad and earlier team with Joka and The Deck he has gained much notoriety as a Producer/Photographer/Actor/ overall Artist. He Later Linked Up with a fellow artist Rip James who welcomed him to co-host on his international Podcast known as "The RipJames Experience" (W-RJX RADIO) formally "RippedRadio" where he met Justin Kickett & Drique LockHead and became apart of the growing St.Louis Broadcasting and Entertainment market known as MCMM ( While learning and growing into a professional his music has transformed into a Smooth, complicated, "easy on the ears" style of BEAT...a SmoothBEAT Smooth was born in St.Louis Regional Hostpital on June 17 to James and Carol Anderson. His parents refer to him as a blessing because of the 3 dicouraging miscarriages edured before he was concieved and born healthy. At the time SmoothBEATZ's parents lived on a street in St.Louis City names Palm st. Shortly after his birth they moved to the "First Historic African American Town" of Kinloch. This would be where SmoothBEATZ first recalls hearing various genres of music for the frist time. Smooth was inspired to make music at a very young ange by being expsed to mostley Blues and early R&B by his father James i Anderson; a older gentleman born in 1938 raised in a single parent household. While mingling in the neighborhood Smooth was introduced to rap. The 90's sound was in style and the commercial music was what he liked. Smooth got his name from his baseball coach the late Andy Ernst who would yell out "C'mon Smoothy! Show'em What You Got! as encouragement during games and the name stuck. Middle school concert band was his introduction to playing live instruments. He played Bass Drum/ Snare/ and Bells/ in the percussion section. High School was different; though he did he did not play in the band, he was still very much involved in music. Drawing and writing was his passion and with the assistance of his late friend Charles Hogan he was in his mind "Finally a REAL Producer". Charles gifted him a copy of FL Studio 4. Smooth had been struggling to make custom beats to rap to, and was using the wrong program software to create. With his new tools he was off on his journey to create; in his words "FOREVER". After the death of his friend/mentor Charles, Smooth was determined to never give up the dream that was shared. In 2017 Smooth was awarded an Appreciation Award as acknowledgement for his non-stop efforts to create a balance in the St.Louis music scene. Currently, SmoothBEATZ is getting to know his city's local scene well while also trying to make a difference. He has been setting a different tone as far as relationships and just showing genuine love for the scene. " i'm still a student, and LiVE LOVE is my Movement" he shares often. Lets all continue to show love as we delve into his music and unearth #NewStyleBlues!