SolarPH Media

Hey! Welcome to my store, and my bio!

I am SolarPH, and I am a Cinema4D-based Minecraft Rigger for the past 3 years.

My rigs are made to be fully-customizable depending on the animator's needs. It is still in development, but I assure you that you can use it in multiple ways with multiple combinations of their parts.

Rigs made by me mostly have Python running on it, which rig compatibility from R14 to R19.

One of the most advanced rig, and the one with the most time spent developing is the Universal Character Rig. A rig that houses Steve and Alex character set, with compatibility of one bone to hold multiple mesh count.

Other than that, I have more products than that, including a Beacon Rig that acts like what was in-game, a Banner Rig, and Redstone Rig. I also have an End Rig, but that thing is stashed for now.

I hope you'll find the rig for you!