Sonia Helena Hidalgo Zurita

Architect Sonia Helena Hidalgo Zurita I was born in Quito, Ecuador, daughter of Ing Pablo Hidalgo and Ana Zurita. I enjoyed my teenage years next to my parents; at the age of 19 I traveled to Slovakia, to study Architecture. I have lived in several countries in Europe; Germany, Spain, Slovakia. I have many interests: painting, art, architecture, music, traveling, visiting countries and learning about the people, their culture, languages a writing. It is my impression that one would need to live more than 200 years to accomplish at least half of the things one would like to do, learn and experience. From time to time, whenever I feel inspired, I create oil paintings. I was always interested in the Jewish people and the language, I had read the Bible several times, especially the Book of Ezekiel about the temple, the subject I was passionate about since I did not understand anything about the description and I decided to put my studies in plans and images, this is how I wrote my books and I made the project for the future Temple. THE EZEKIEL TEMPLE CAN BE UNDERSTAND AND BUILD!