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Im 31 years old faced many great challenges in my life so many beautiful moments were shared I live the experience of what im doing gaining the concept of being apart of something I love people and reaching out to people I have an amazing ability to help people thats me Shayne the big SWEEDYPIE I learned to face my challenges with reasonable objections ive created these projects to inspire people coz I care you important to me i Iook for reasons why I should so many people doubt the concept of a possibility before they think of the possibility they look for reasons not to instead of looking for reasons why they should they afraid that something beautiful might happen in their lives in an order to be the challenger not to be challenged if someone challenges you challenge them back provided you being reasonable with whats in front of you not what you don’t have I look for reasons why I should love play my part why I love my mom I always tell her its not one reason it’s a thousand reasons why I love you just to gain that experience of being apart of something im giving you a chance to view my work portfolio for 5 dollars a session I should charge 50 dollars I started my career 5 years ago currently going strong ive hosted over 1000 successful events talks on relationships and emotional problems motivational speaking heres your chance to be inspired please buy my work its only 5 dollars a session 

Throughout my experience ive faced many great challenges I have hope what truly inspires me is watching people grow and achieving something with people part of better understanding your problems having realistic expectations of yourself and the people who are apart of your life with what this has bought into my life I had a rely amazing experience working on all of these projects to make this a reality part of the true inspiration that’s gone into everything with what its bought into my life it’s a great blessing in my life for only 5 dollars part of reaching out to people I rely do care you important to me please click on the pictures to access the speeches something beautiful happened in my life coming to terms with where I am in my life and facing my challenges being honest about my problems better understanding my problems ive created an inventory of myself ive learned to love certain areas of myself to better understand the people who are apart of my life through my work im reaching out to people as I love helping people ive created these projects to inspire people about their potential and to better understand themselves and their problems part of working through trials and tribulations now you can be apart of it for just 5 dollars a session something beautiful can happen in your life if you choose to take it seriously