Stefan Pecho, PhD.

Stefan Pecho started building his attitude towards the Sanatana Dharma nearly forty years ago. During twenty-seven years of lecturing at Comenius University, he focused on intercultural communication and Eastern spirituality besides the Japanology. He holds a PhD. degree from the Slovak Academy of Sciences. Stefan Pecho appreciates the Indian autochthonous spiritual tradition as a rewarding experience for the whole humankind. In his Bio Topic on Quora the author underlines that he prefers the dignity of human life to any philosophizing, theorizing, or speculating. For him, the Sanatana Dharma is a part of his human spiritual experience. In his mother language, he has written two books on spirituality. 1) The Spiritual Dimension of Man - Synthesis of Intercultural Experiences of East and West in the Teaching Contexts of Advaita, New Testament and Dzogchen. 2) The Book on Knowing the Self and Deeper Contexts of the Human Beingness - Whether we are the brain, or we have the brain; Whether the brain thinks, or we think; When we think about ourselves do we think about our brain?; When we think about our brain does the brain think about itself? Stefan Pecho was born in 1958 in Slovakia.