Steven T. Griggs, Ph.D., A Psychological Corporation

Psychotherapy is a personal process involving change. Helping others change is what I do. Sometimes this involves one person, sometimes a family, sometimes adults, adolescents or children. It used to be about dynamic understanding of one's experiences, good or bad. These days, therapy focuses more on solutions and is brief. I like to do both. Often parents want simple answers about problems with children's behavior. Sometimes people end up in therapy because their social worker or the courts said they had to come. These situations are more about teaching. Sometimes couples want to make their relationship better. This is also about teaching, usually communication skills, but not always. Sometimes couples want to explore the nature of their relationship, enhancing, improving and refreshing. I help with all of these. Here's some of my information: BIO AND PRACTICE INFORMATION I live with my son and wife in Southern California. I’m a volleyball aficionado, having played about thirty-five years now. I have two offices that cover the San Diego North County areas. Here's a little more about my practice. I am an informal, low-keyed warmer fuzzier type. But I deal directly with problems, using CBT, emphasizing support/non-judgment. I work on anxiety and depression and lots of general issues (see below). My practice is filled with marital/relationship and employment problems. I am a child psychologist, too, so I subspecialize in kids issues. Addiction issues are very common, with or without the 12 Step Programs. All managed care programs are accepted, if that is best for the client. Here's a list of problem areas in which I've had training or direct experience in for over three decades. Where noted, I've provided links to an ebooks page, where you can find more information about each topic and what I've written.