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Are physical pieces included?

Unfortunately not. As much as I would like to, there a lot of added costs in sourcing parts and the matter of logistics.

I may offer physical building kits in the future - but for now, I only provide digital files.

What is included in a purchase?

Each purchase includes a PDF & XML file, unless otherwise stated in the item description.

Instructions / PDF file?

The PDF files included are the step-by-step building instructions.

I take great care in ensuring my instructions are as clear & easy to follow as possible!

Parts List / XML file?

The XML files included are specially formatted text documents, used to easily generate a Wanted List on BrickLink.

Unsure how to use the XML file? Click here!

I can't find instructions for a build

Although I have made many custom BrickHeadz, I don't always make instructions for them all.

I can't make guarantees, but you can try contacting me about a certain build you would like to see instructions for.

My question isn't answered here

Please contact me directly!