This book aims to show a perspective on what a young man called Calvin tends to do, in order to rise past struggles to gain a closer step to success. It goes through his childhood and towards the beginning of his adulthood. This book will outline different stages he went through and he will have to go through in pursuit of success. Change is a common factor, that threads in between the chapters of this book, being able to change your attitude and be the best version of yourself is inevitable to achieve such a success. There will be times where you don’t feel like moving forward, this book expresses how during these times you've got to put faith in yourself and God when all hope is lost, promise to do your best each time. If you want to move through the struggle have the right intention to do so no matter how little the action is. This is because it will definitely move you a step forward, for there are seasons, and a warm summer comes after the cold winter. This book shares its truth in its own way, so don’t second guess yourself, believe in yourself. I wrote this book because I felt signs to do so.