Ai Education

In 2010 she decided that it was time to package her knowledge and instead of writing yet another Accounting book that her students encouraged her to do, she thought of something out of the box and not yet experienced by the South African market. She resourced overseas programmes and came up with the interactive concept where the learner can experience a step by step approach on how to master tasks, and repeating the tasks over and over again until the skill is mastered. Coupled with the concept of interactivity, interactive quizzes were also created, testing the basic accounting skills as the tasks are mastered. This builds a solid foundation in which the learner can flourish and cope in the classroom environment with subsequent tasks given to them. This programme is not meant to replace the teaching in the classroom, but to support the facilitator in a challenging environment where classes are sometimes too big and no focused attention can be paid to all the learners. Annelize has through trial and error and many years of teaching and discovering how students learn, developed a model for the challenging technological world where the educator has to be equipped in meeting the needs of the young learner who has grown up with technology.