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Terms of Service


You cannot resell, share my models, assets, and/or textures with anyone, split the purchase between others, and/or credit as your own.

You cannot rip assets, textures, or the base from any avatar I make and use it on your own or other people's avatars. You must buy from the original creator which are linked under my sale posts.

Any violation of my TOS will result in a DMCA request (see copyright laws below), blacklisting from my server and others I'm associated with, and potentially banned from purchasing from me.

I do not accept refunds under any circumstances. If there is an issue with a product I sell then contact me. Refunds or chargebacks made through paypal, payhip, and/or gumroad without contacting me first will result in blacklisting from my server and not being able to purchase from me again.

By purchasing any item you agree to adhere to and follow the terms of service. Failure to adhere to terms of service will result in fines and legal action. You will be asked to cease and remove as well. The copyright in a work initially belongs to the author(s) who created that work. Copyright exists automatically in an original work of authorship once it is fixed in a tangible medium. This 3D asset is protected by Copyright Law, illegal distribution and failure to abide by the given Terms of Service of the said asset can be subjected to fines between $200 to $150,000, infringer pays actual dollar amount of damages and profits made by said stolen asset, the infringer will pay all attorney fees and court costs, illegal iterations of the stolen work can be impounded and possible jail time. If you need more information on copyright please visit, for more information.


Any avatar purchased from my site gives you full commercial usage meaning you can use it to post on any social media platform, streaming, etc. However you MUST credit the avatar used by tagging me and/or having it anywhere in the description of the site/stream. Failure to do so will result in DMCA and asked to insert credits for said models. If you fail to comply you will be blacklisted and banned from purchasing from me.

Any avatar purchased from my site can only be uploaded to Vrchat. You cannot upload it to other platforms such as but not limited to Chillout, Neos, Helios, etc

You must have basic Unity knowledge before purchasing any of my models


Any and all assets/textures purchased give you full commercial usage for free, public, nitro, and for sale avatars.

Assets/textures can only be used on FINISHED models and cannot be sold on their own.

Any asset/texture used MUST be credited with the following example:

"-asset name- by syyanide -link to specific asset or hyperlink over the asset name or my discord name-"

Failure to do so will result in me requesting to credit properly and if not followed through will result in no longer being able to purchase from me.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding these assets please feel free to reach out to me through my Discord server