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Titi, Cat Leblanc - Time Goes On (Original Mix)

Charles Stoner - Telluric Doom (Original Mix)

Fane, TiTi - Fight and Survive (TiTi Remix)

Titi, Fane - Earth and Water (Fane Remix)

TiTi - Earth and Water (Original Mix)

Costin Toronila - Analog (Original Mix)

Paco Buggin - Line Horizont (Original Mix)

Avril 14th - Interstella Altas - Avril 14th

Charles Stoner - Ancient Ego (Extend Mix)

Southlee, Radio Revolution - Fake 2 Real (Original Mix)

TiTi - Ma Belle (Original Mix)

TiTi - Exhausted (Original Mix)

Charles Stoner - Suk Ma' Kiedis

Avril 14th - Birmingham Bloodstorm (Original Mix)

Fane, TiTi - Bucharest (Titi Remix)

TiTi - Wow (Original Mix)

Taiji Records

Taiji Black and Taiji Red Records are two independent record labels based in Shanghai, China. The main concept is to support the groove high energy of electronic music, with talented and brilliant artists, pushing forward clubbing ready tracks to the international community. We release mostly electronic tracks but also vinyl records in major international music shops from Beatport and Juno to Spotify and Apple Music.