Christine Martin

Christine Martin is a mother of 3... Hi there, I am a proud mother of 3 kids. I never set out to be a full-time mum as I was very focused on my career in marketing. And then it happened. Me - the least likely of my friends to have kids becoming a stay at home mum! And I don't regret it at all. I love looking after my kids and watching them grow up and become little people! I was really struggling with discipline techniques for my first son - he was much more 'naughty' than my friends' children and he was a real handful! When he was 2, he was pretty terrible but then he hit 3... and it was worse. He became very physical - pushing, hitting, spitting,and running away, talking back, yelling and having meltdowns - EVERY time we left the house. He was exhausting! This left me REALLY stressed and worried that he was NEVER going to grow out of this horrible 'phase'. I spent hours and hours reading, researching and attending courses to learn as much as possible to improve my mental state and reduce my stress. I dedicated a lot of time to making sense of all the information available that isn't easy to implement. I set my sights on getting practical answers and tricks to make raising my son easier. I wrote an e-book with my simplest tricks to share with YOU... a stressed, frustrated, embarrassed, and tired parent (like I used to be). I hope my e-book will be life-changing for you. All the information I learnt has made my life calm, quiet and improved my relationship with my kids to the MAX!