DR TAVEAU CREATIVE LEADERSHIP MINISTRIES....for Discernment, free God granted Wisdom and original Worship... PLUS the area word from the Lord for and TO Prophetic Christian Ministers..however, we're not biased so all other faiths and beliefs are respected and welcome! But realize that all of the MP3s, PDF's AUDIO, VIDEO are to and for the  Christian ....which includes No Bull Berean Up front words from the Lord are ONLY to the "Christian leaders" who profess to be "Saved" "Born again".https://www.onlinefellowship.us In an ongoing search for WHO, WHAT is New Testament First Church "Bible organic" (not 100% sure WE are) Also worship, music and discussion, PDF's No Bull (Berean) Christ Following leader Podcast https://www.anchor.fm/nobull-christfollowing