The Beauty Bounty

The Beauty Bounty is a holistic space & lifestyle service where women connect, make friends and inspire each other to be the best version of themselves. Through our curated events, workshops, talks and classes, we draw you into our gentle orbit. The law of attraction pulls like-minded women together, each of us, dots in the universe. As a community we become stronger, we want members who are independent, holistic and inspirational. Our higher energy will pulse at a different frequency, the laws of attraction allow us to leverage our beauty and intelligence, and together we will grow our network & connections. Join us, as a member of a holistic community, beautiful Londoners who want to be part of something bigger. Our services are based on five elements of Wood- Eating Well, Fire- Beauty & Grooming, Earth- Talking Therapies, Metal- Business Coaching and Water- Holistic Pampering. The Beauty Bounty serves its members using mobile and pop -up options in London zones 1-2.