The Bunker

The Bunker™ is an industry-quality recording studio in South Bend, Indiana. The Bunker is much more than just a studio though; it provides a platform for individuals to express themselves. Multiple web series are filmed at the Bunker. Hustle Alerts are filmed and broadcast throughout each week, which serve as brief interviews and promotional efforts for individuals who are featured. The Bunker News is a longer segment (8-15 minutes) broadcast every Friday that features lengthier, more in depth interviews with local artists, often showcasing a music video of the artist’s. Two other shows are currently being produced at the Bunker as well, which include Trapped in the Bunker Live and Trapped in the Bunker Cypher. Trapped in the Bunker Live will be an episodic series which features local artists performing live on the show. Trapped in the Bunker Cypher will be another episodic series which will featured a multitude of local rappers showcasing their talents in a cypher setting, where verses are performed in the midst of a crowd. An album review series dubbed Mason Martyr’s chopping block is also in the works, in which local writer and musician Mason Martyr will review local albums during brief weekly episodes. Together, the web series serve as an outlet for artists, musicians, cooks, etc. to display their talents to a broader audience than they can normally acquire. The Bunker has become a hub of artistic expression in the Midwest; an outlet for self-expression in the community. Aside from recording and filming, The Bunker also explores other business ventures, such as building custom workstations and composing press kits for individuals seeking promotional assistance. Although under construction, The Bunker is in the process of finalizing the official website for the business, The website will feature artist biographies (who frequently collaborate), a music store, news about local music and upcoming events, as well as archives for the Hustle Alert, Bunker News, Trapped in the Bunker, and Chopping Block web segments. The Bunker is also looking into expanding the business with a larger building that will allow larger areas for filming, recording, production, mixing, and mastering. Establishing a record label has also been in the works, alongside local talents Jimmy Ball, Walter West, Benzo da Realest, Squirt the Flirt, Billy East, Foreign Boi, Nipsco Gang, and others.