Yvette Williams, Ph.D., Owner-The Esteemed Scribe, LLC

Hi there! I’m Yvette. I’m a freelance writer and entrepreneur who loves coffee, Papyrus writing journals, and vacations to Williamsburg, Virginia- a town with my name on it! My company, The Esteemed Scribe, LLC, helps mid-life career professionals write compelling stories about their life experiences. I specialize in ghostwriting nonfiction books, personal essays, blogging, website copywriting, copy-editing, and proofreading. I was inspired to create the name, “The Esteemed Scribe” from my interest in the ancient profession of scribing. I learned that in ancient times, scribes were prominent members of royal courts. They were responsible for duties such as dictation, copying manuscripts, and keeping business records for kings, nobles, and other royal officials. I use the word, esteemed, which means “highly favored and admired” for my business name because it speaks to my respect for the scribing profession as well as the relationship I desire to have with my clients. As an entrepreneur, I combine my experiences with manuscript preparation, editing, and publication with my research skills to offer guidance about the book writing process. As a writer, I enjoy storytelling to educate, inform, and inspire. In addition to my blog, “The Esteemed Scribe News,” some of the ways I demonstrate my passions are through my business products and personal writing. For example, in my business ebook, “What’s Your Story?”, I share a little of my story as a college instructor turned entrepreneur. I look forward helping you express your unique voice as one of my esteemed clients! You can learn more about me at https://theesteemedscribe.com.