The Happy Street

Florence Wood Florence is a proud mother of two beautiful and bright children. As a former school teacher and an academic coach for children, she is most familiar with curriculum development, lesson planning and delivery. Being a parent, she is most involved and experienced in the different stages of preschool, home school and elementary school education as well as in early-childhood developments. She holds a Master of Business Administration, a Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences and Certificates in Teaching Phonics & Phonetics. She continues to be fully engaged and committed in preschool, home school and elementary school education and development. William Golden William is a proud father of two happy and fun children. He has held careers in preschool business and operations developments and has provided academic tutoring to children of different age groups. In these capacities, he has numerous experiences working with teachers, parents, children and industry stakeholders. As a parent, he is an involved father that is committed to the children’s social, emotional, physical and educational developments. He holds a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Business Administration. He continues to be committed and dedicated to the various facets of children education and developments.