Kelly Jennings - Author & Life Strategist

I’m an Air Force retired veteran with a master’s degree in Business Administration/Organizational Leadership. After 20 years of dedicated service to my country I became a defense contractor. I was chasing the money and staying in the comfort zone of familiar territory. It was not until I felt my purpose crying out to me did I realize I was stuck in a system of my mind that I could not break free from. As a co-pastor, community ministry leader, mother of two beautiful girls and happily married to an awesome husband and father, I thought I knew my purpose. However, over the years somewhere I had lost my identity. I started to become who others expected me to be and not who God called me to be. I was having an identity crisis. So, I’m very resourceful, so I thought. I can make anything happen once I put my mind to it. Right…I was sadly mistaken. I tried business after business, social group after social group, networks, life coaches, motivational speakers, pastors and counselors. None of them could help me become the great person I knew I was called to be. Finally, one day as I was listening in on a mastermind session. I heard person after person try to verbalize their purpose, their brand and their “niche.” Each time as I listened to the questions from so many callers who when they pitched what they considered their great ideas, I could sense their disappointment of realizing that all their investments were wasted because they were still stuck and nothing had changed. I realized this was me as well. I’ve made major investments in my life and joined major social networks. I attended all the big “pep rallies” and watched other people who received the same instruction I received, however, they were making home runs with their businesses, and I had not even gotten out of the batting cage. It was then, I made a commitment to myself that I was not even going to join another club or make any more investments until I was emotionally healed and my mind was transformed. I realized nothing was going to change until I changed my perspective and perception about myself. I had to have a mind transformation that would cause me to deal with some internal and absolute truths so that I could be become the influential person I knew I was called to be. So, I went on an internal search to discover who I was and who I was meant to be. Self-discovery and self-awareness was a big pill to swallow but I pressed through and I came out okay on the other side Since my transformational breakthrough, I’ve determined to speak and teach to everyone about the transformation of the mind. Because of the anguished I faced in walking through the process of change alone, it’s my desire to ensure no one walk through their transformation alone. I’m committed help as many men, women, young men and young girls who are struggling with the battles in their mind. My purpose is to help all who are mentally paralyzed and their confidence has been crippled by fear, intimidation and low-self-esteem. There are many of are in of someone to help walk through the transformation process of their mind and become all they are called to be. If you fit this description and you want to finally see the change you’ve been so desperately looking for…Look no further, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Hello, I’m Kelly Jennings, your virtual Transformation Life Coach.