The Magic Space

What is The Magic Space? It’s the inspirational space within us, where creativity is born, where healing happens, and where miracles are made. We think these audios are among the most magical paths to transformation, healing, and creating something new that we've seen, and we morecame to this conclusion through our own experience. For both of us, our most dramatic changes have occurred, not through conversation as you might expect, but through simply listening. And that’s why we think that these audios might just become some of your most valuable resources.

How does that work? As you know, the magic of change is mysterious, but here’s what we see. When we are in a conversation, we clarify, provide details and background, and repeat familiar material to a fresh listener.

On the other hand, when no speaking is required of us, when we simply listen, we are much closer and more open to seeing something new. We’re finding that, through these audios alone, change can happen quickly and in unexpected and wonderful ways.

We’d love for you to try them out and let us know how the magic unfolds for you.
With love from Mary Schiller & Sara Murre