Kate Lam

Hello! My name is Kate, it's a great pleasure to see you. Feel free to share your comments in my blogs or email me directly. I am a simple person, and I like to keep things simple. Complicating a supposedly simple thing confuses me and I feel that it is truly unnecessary. So the art work that I will be demonstrating in this blog develops from simple ideas anyone can generate. The idea is to see things in different perspectives under the illumination of light, to observe the separation of colors with the naked eye, to capture the physiques and shapes, and to become aware of the difference in simple forms. Thus, creating art out of what we “saw”. Everyone sees things differently, therefore, every art created would be totally personal, yet, art creating doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. This is my take, a self learnt artist’s approach to creating appealing artwork. The layman’s style. These are my blogs: http://interpretinginfinite.blogspot.com/ http://simplydrawandpaint.blogspot.com/