TheoDone Éditeur • Publisher

TheoDone Publisher is the one of the few publishing houses specialized in the publication of books that deal with the condition and the rights of children on a national and international scale. By encouraging books on that topic, the company took on the task of supporting and advancing ideas on the condition of children here and all around the world. The publishing house has a number of goals. First, it wants to offer children and youngsters solid tools to help them develop self-esteem as well as self-affirmation. It wishes to make them respect and embrace differences and different opinions, to better deal with situations of conflict, to accept all individuals, regardless of their color, race, religion and to develop better communication skills. TheoDone Publisher also wants to reach adults and build bridges that would encourage solidarity between generations. With that in mind, TheoDone Publisher wants to educate, sensitize, provide tools and knowledge to people of all ages, as well as serving as an outlet for freedom of speech. TheoDone Publisher will mainly promote the publication of manuscripts from non-profit organizations and other community workers who want to encourage the understanding and resolution of various problems experienced by children and their families. TheoDone Publisher wishes to be recognized mainly for the quality of its work on subjects as varied as the family, social studies, education, practical psychology and the law. The general public will also be able to appreciate works of literature: novels, true life stories, etc. Children’s literature and foreign literature will slowly be added to its repertoire.