Janice Saunders

Janice Saunders is an award-winning salesperson, author, life-coach, motivational speaker, and founder of One Jazzy Life Development Coaching Company. She is passionate about coaching middle school and high school girls along with their Moms and Mentors on the importance of using communications skills to make an impact. Janice’s method is based on the 4 “S” Speaking Skills Success Formula where she walks individuals and groups through building confidence, communicating with intention and connecting for opportunities using transformational communication skills. The foundation for each of these steps is conversation. Urban Girls Speak Up is a curriculum Janice developed to teach the tools of building confidence in using solid communication skills in conversations to position themselves as the obvious choice for the opportunities they desire using great speaking skills. Agencies like Figure Skating in Harlem, The Puerto Rican Family Institute and Good For Girls along with schools, Moms and Mentors have trusted Janice with helping build confidence and chart a course towards an individualized authentic, One Jazzy Life.