Thiago Abdalla

Bachelor and Master of Music at USP, under the guidance of prof. Edelton Gloeden. He took part in several music festivals in Brazil, USA and Spain. It has an extensive solo guitar repertoire, chamber music and concerts with orchestra with which he has been performing regularly. He is a member of Quaternaglia Guitar Quartet, with whom he launched the CDs Jequibau and Xangô, was finalist in the Brazilian Music, and tours around Latin America, Europe and United States. His pedagogical activity deserves attention by teaching guitar at Tom Jobim EMESP – Music School of São Paulo, coordinating its Classical Guitars Ensemble. He is professor of guitar and arrangement on Metropolitan University of Santos. He collaborated with the publication of textbooks Guri Project and the music curriculum in differente São Paulo cities. He is a founding member of the Orff Schulwerk Association of Brazil and part of curriculum orientation and training of the art team of the Secretariat of São Paulo State Education. … Thiago Abdalla’s energy presented us with one of the most impressive guitar recitals that I had the chance to watch in recent years. A sound that rose to the heights of Eden. Antonio Eduardo (Santos)