From Surviving To Thriving

I was a child born into a world that should have been safe, welcoming, and nurturing. Yet with narcissistic family members, I learned what it was like to live in an emotional war zone before I ever learned how to crawl. Often times if we have unresolved issues from our childhood we can sadly wind up in relationships with what is familiar. I escaped the abusive home environment I grew up in by running away at 16 years old. I had no money, no place to go yet  I was determined to leave that toxicity, little did I know I would run toward those who would treat me in that same emotionally manipulative and abusive manner,  if not worse. After spending an additoinal 15 years in relationships with covert, cerebral narcissists, history repeated itself once again. With no money, no job, no place to go, and now with only my 2 kids tucked under my arms...I ran away and never looked back. I now dedicate my life to helping other victims of narcissistic personality disorder to free themselves of the toxicity and learn to develop strong and healthy Self Love, Self Confidence and Self Respect.We all have to travel that journey to heal, but we don't have to travel it alone.