Tim Foley

I've spent much of the past fifteen years working as a writer, columnist and as a Project Consultant for a number of ITV shows in the UK. Prior to this, I enjoyed a long career as a specialist in the fitted furniture sector. From a young age I had been fascinated by tales of an heroic Irishman who I first heard of while spending time in his own father’s birthplace of Keel, County Kerry, Ireland. Since 2010, I have spearheaded a campaign with the aim of achieving national recognition for Tom Crean from his country of birth. Tom Crean’s life-saving exploits during the pioneering age of Antarctic exploration, saw him become one of the very few to be awarded the prestigious Albert Medal for bravery. This book opens in an Ireland under the governance of the British Empire and continues through Crean’s career in the Royal Navy and his time serving under the leadership of Scott and Shackleton on three Antarctic expeditions. Taking us through Crean's incredible feats of bravery, his return to Ireland in the aftermath of rebellion and in the midst of a War of Independence, the book encourages us to question why Crean's story was largely ignored, both during his lifetime and after his death. It then goes on to question why, when his epic bravery has earned him international recognition, his homeland is yet to officially recognize him. In writing this, my first book, I have immersed myself in years of research and study at some of the world's most respected archives.