Tux Lux Group

For 15 years our specialty has been helping others achieve success with their Exhibit Marketing and Logistics Programs. We have a phenomenal team of vendors, and service providers that are experts in the Exhibit and Live Marketing Industry. Transparency is key to our success working with large and small companies and organizations. Our goal is to assist you with achieving rewarding results and be your go-to for expert information that will help you to stay ahead of the game and confident in your live marketing program. We are located in the Uptown District of Dallas, TX; just a few steps from the art district. However, we like to think of our services as "global". With modern technology we can assist you from anywhere in the world. We travel to help our clients with their plans and live events, as well as train their staff and manage it all from beginning to successful end. We would love to hear what you have in mind for your next exhibit, trade show, seminar, conference, or business social event. Our contact information is listed below. We're also conducting some upgrades and updates with our website. However, we will keep you informed about our "Grand Re-Launching" as we will have e-gifts for lucky winners. See you on the other side of success! Tux Lux Group 2101 Cedar Springs Rd, Ste 1050 Dallas, TX. 75201 888-614-4482 (toll free) 972-829-8507 (local)