Ty Okojie is a writer and a speaker. He’s an Industrial and Production Engineer by profession and entrepreneurial at heart. He has a deep passion to see the rise of Africa as a continent. Where schools will no longer flood the minds of our young ones on how to be good job hunters, but how to be good job creators and build empires. Where young chaps can be mentored into master crafts via active apprenticeship. A system or platform where young aspiring talents and entrepreneurs have mentors and role models in industries they can easily connect with. This has kindled his passion to take up this message to the people of his generation. Check out more about him at Craft-House Africa (www.thecrafthouseweb.wordpress.com) and please drop your comments, it means a lot to us. I wouldn’t take any credit for any of these materials you see on our series “WHAT SCHOOLS FAILED TO TEACH”. All credits go to God and the mentors he has used to mold me up into who I’m becoming. Most of you who are verse and ardent readers would hear some of their voices in these materials. Time will fail me to call names. But I’ve chosen to make myself the loudspeaker that will echo their voices farther to places they might not be able to reach. See you at the top.