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Reclaiming life after brain injury (audio recording)


Reclaiming life after brain injury (audio file and pdf)


Reclaiming life after brain injury (pdf)

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About Me

My name is Dave and I have been almost killed in a serious car crash in which I sustained an extremely severe, traumatic brain injury amongst other injuries.


Many people that are close to me have suggested over many years that I write a story about my car crash and recovery. As I have a servant's heart, helping other people is a passion of mine so that seemed like a great way to help people. The story took 2.5 years to write but I now have an inspirational story of my recovery journey. That story is aimed at helping multiple people.

Firstly, I want to help others who have had a brain injury or even their carers, with ideas of what helped me improve at various stages of my recovery.

I also want to inspire anyone and everyone after reading my story. After reading what I had to overcome, it is my hope that people would feel encouraged or empowered to tackle obstacles in their lives.


I have received phenomenal feedback from people that have bought it so far. I have been told that reading it can inspire the reader in whatever challenges they are facing. Recovery stories from people, such as from car accidents are usually told by professionals or family members and it is very rare to get the perspective of the injured person on their own recovery. Well, my story was written by me, the injured person, so it has that rare perspective that you don’t generally hear about.


I hope the story of my recovery journey that I have had to travel since 2001 is also inspiring and uplifting to you as in the feedback I have received from many other readers.