UJJWAL SAHAY is a sovereign Computer Security Consultant and has state-of-the-art familiarity in the field of computer. Also, UJJWAL SAHAY is a cyber-security expert certified by LUCIDEUS TECH and has definitive experience in the field of computers and ethical hacking. Ujjwal Sahay is the Author of the book HACK-X-CRYPT (A straight forward guide towards Ethical hacking and cyber security). Also, Ujjwal Sahay is the Co-founder of the techno-hacking website www.thebigcomputing.com, he is the chief security consultant of site. Sahay is however, more well known for his significant work in the field of ethical hacking and cyber security. Sahay is currently pursuing his studies in computer science with specialization in cyber security at MITS GWALIOR. Get In Touch With Him At ujjwal@thebigcomputing.com