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But who am I?

The eclectic witch everyone warned you about? Maybe!

I'm a devotee of the Goddess Hekate. I am new shieldmaiden who reveres Odin. 

I'm a 45-year-old wife of 17 years, I'm the mother of two beautiful, sassy children who were born 9 years apart...and the youngest is 16. I'm easing into a life where they don't need me so much and trying to occupy my mind and my time with my craft. 

I am an old crone witch, CróCaillach, who misses her grandson terribly since the world went to hell. 

I reside in Fayetteville NC and love being surrounded by my family and my tribe, sharing food, fire, and fun.

I am your not so average, pansexual, polyamorous, spicy Cajun witch from the bayous of Louisiana, and although they would never utter such a word, I come from a strong line of divine, feminine, HooDoo, healers, that weren't afraid to call in a little New Orleans Voodoo as well. 

I’m Anne and I specialize in helping you connect to your inner witch while experiencing traditional witchcraft, so that you can find your higher self.

These teachings are my escape. Thank you for your patronage.