Victor Mong

Victor Mong is an Economics graduate as well as an influential Public Speaker, Author, Human Potential Optimiser, Reinvention and Mindset Coach.

His message is crafted to trigger transformation and help people begin to live the life they are truly meant to live.

He's the author of "Your Dream Life", a book that shows you how to discover your purpose, transform your mindset and achieve lasting success.

Victor is also the CEO of Valiantmetrics Insights, a human potential training and consulting companies that empowers individuals, businesses, and organisations to develop the capacity of their staff and team to perform at their peak.

As a coach, Victor utilizes modern coaching tools and techniques, especially NLP, EFT Tapping, Hypnotherapy to equip clients with the mindset that enables them get into their core genius and passions so that they can create the life of their dream.