victor tzakov

Canadian writer Victor Tzakov was born and raised in Bulgaria, where he graduated with a philosophy degree from the State University of Sofia and worked as a journalist. At the age of 27, right after the fall of the Berlin wall, he emigrated to Canada to face the start and the challenge of a completely new life. Author of nearly a thousand journalistic publications, commentaries, essays, op-eds and book and film reviews, he also became successful as a screenwriter for TV and cinema in Canada. Victor Tzakov had the privilege, the audacity and the stoicism to test his teeth on a vast array of professions in all walks of life – he worked as an English, French and Russian interpreter, courier company manager, freelance journalist, legal assistant, financial advisor – and later professed as an owner of marketing, real estate and recreational establishment companies. As a fiction writer, he became renowned with the publishing of his short stories collections – but especially with the publication of his novel “Boeing-747” which was critically acclaimed in his home country and is now quickly gaining immense following among English speaking readers. A tense and tempo-ridden thriller, at a first glance the novel seems an adventure and action packed immigrant’s tale – only for the reader to gradually unveil under this surface layer after layer of hidden messages about the author’s perspective of the “grand scheme” meanings of life, love and death. In his non-fiction writing, the author remains very active on all topics of serious concern for the contemporary world – political, social, economic and especially arts issues. An avid supporter of free speech – and freedom of thought – his often controversial stands are always thought-provoking and create continuous and vigorous discussions among readers. His blogging on an almost daily basis regularly spots the most sensitive subjects coming from everyday life – and welcomes anybody’s opinion on them. Victor Tzakov lives with his family and is a father of four children.