Video Drum Charts

Want to learn to read drum music? Like to work out (exactly) how to play the hippest drumming grooves? VIDEO DRUM TRANSCRIPTIONS will raise your game! THE VDT STORY… Brainstorming – Back in January 2012, whilst ruminating over several ideas to present drum transcriptions in a more accessible way, I decided to create a video based multi media ‘play along’ system that would captivate student’s attention and enhance the learning experience. Firstly, I needed to solve a few problems I had come across with standard drum charts.. WHAT WAS MISSING? Audio – the old style drum charts, whilst accurate, only came to life when played by an experienced drummer, or accompanied by the original CD or Mp3 track. Space – Reading the combined notes for all limbs crammed on one stave could be quite a visual challenge . Tracking – Accurate ‘real time’ drum chart tracking (following to the note at all speeds). Slo’ Mo’s – Fast / complex/ challenging sections within drum charts ideally should be heard slowed down (at original pitch). Colour – Black and white is … black and white. Colour can vividly pinpoint, coding with immediacy. Sticking – Why is such a vitally important part of so many drum charts left out? THE CHALLENGE... So, the challenge was to take the best parts of the old style drum chart, visually expand it and reinforce it with the sensory power of mixed media. After many trials and templates, the Video Drum Transcription (VDT) was born! A convenient paperless, CD – less Music Education product – downloadable and compatible with Apple hand held devices, Mac and PC Platforms.