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Your Crown to Confidence: How to Have Shiny, Healthy & Lustrous Hair eBook


"I finished the book and wow! I've literally been doing everything wrong with my hair. The book is very simple, clear and concise. Clearly explained and easy to understand. I've already started applying the knowledge to my hair, got the correct shampoo and conditioner and its made a huge difference!"

— S. Marks

"After reading this book I learnt how to wash my hair properly. I didn't know using the right temperature and washing it correctly would help avoid having an oily scalp. I highly recommend reading her book! It's filled with a lot of information I think women would appreciate!"

— T. Pepperstreet

"Wow! Reading this book made me realized why I was not getting the full results no matter what products I tried. I never realized the importance of understanding and caring for the scalp! I love how the book explains how to use the product and when to use it. Hope the world read this! Thank you!"

— M. Oliveira