W & V Construction / Webb Bldrs

I don't just renovate distressed houses and rebuild beautiful starter homes • in the construction trades, I renovate the lives of people. Unfortunately, too many American citizens who are forgotten by society as "throw away people", linger in the corners of our Society. I teach people how to fish. If they are willing to listen, study and to learn I give them a job and put them to work. Then, they become more productive men and women in society. It is because of this, that I am blessed to have the acquaintance of many ordinary people who have extraordinary dreams to grow their financial future through construction and real estate redevelopment, and many extraordinary people who desperately seek an avenue to place in motion their intellectual strength, instead of sitting on the sidelines waiting for their minds and America to go to shreds. That is Webbonomics . It is the processes by which Americans daily Trickle UP' " -James T. Webb Master Builder