by Wee Dilts at Change Your Life Ebooks

Here’s the incredible story of how Wee Dilts came to write these dynamite self help books. Wee started as a physical education teacher. Her first awareness was of the need for a special “Opportunity P.E.” class for the potential drop out students. She created such a class and programs are still modeled after her pilot program. She next earned degrees in counseling and psychology and spent the next several years counseling, her special interests automatically drew her to the troubled fringe group. She then developed a curriculum of four classes for these students, many graduated that would certainly have slipped through the cracks. Wee met her own crisis with alcohol. For thirty plus years she has been a sober member of Alcoholics Anonymous. Simultaneously with sobriety she began the study of New Age Metaphysical teachings. She writes self help articles and how to live better books based on these philosophies. When she switched careers to Real Estate, Once again she saw a need for a Flat Fee Multiple Listing program which would help For Sale by Owners save money. She created the first such Flat Fee Real Estate Franchise. She wrote the Training manuals which are now available at You can readily see she has the life experiences and training to give you expert guidance and show you How to Change Your Life.