Wiithaa is the first french circular design agency.

WHY WIITHAA? Initially Wiithaa is also the aboriginal name of a strange bird using every resources around him to build the most beautiful nest he can. He uses twigs as well as flowers, fruits and shells, but also packaging papers, straws and plastic caps! Just like this incredible bird, our raison d’ être is to make the very notion of waste disappear. Looking at waste from a different perspective and everything that is wasted in general will open up new opportunities while giving back more sense to business.

Nowadays, all fluxes of atoms, matter, resources and energy must be thought of and optimized: it has become a question of good management and good business. We help companies that have realized the future lies in that direction.

What if our economy was working like Nature? In Nature, there is no waste, everything is resource, everything is food for another organism, things work in a circular, symbiotic and ecosystemic way. Thinking and doing in a systemic way, taking into account all interactions, will make us perceive waste as resource, will enable us to cooperate effectively, to optimze more than maximze, to prosper in adequation with the laws of the universe.

WHAT DO WE DO? We redesign business models to create new economic, social and environmental value(s). By involving the stakeholders, we redesign the products and the services to eliminate waste and regenerate the ecosystems. We developed the Circulab, a playful methodology to enable the cooperation and the complex system understanding. Try it on http://www.circulab.eu