Johnathan R. Willis

My name is J.R. Willis. I have been writing about historical non-fiction events for the past 3 years. My spectrum of writing includes, factual governmental conspiracies, the illuminati,satanism, murder, racism, corporate greed, military conflicts, UFO Phenomenon, God the Father, and spiritual evil that is occurring throughout our world. (Illuminati spelled in reverse is-ITANIMULLI. takes you to the NSA/NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY's website.) Now are you going to believe that these evils are not occurring or your lying eyes? CERN, Switzerland September 23, 2015 they intend to unlock the gates of hell and unleash a new wave of demonic forces upon the earth. Their evil has no boundaries. The evil ones agendas are in full effect and grow daily in power and control over this world. Satanism is alive and well. Be prepared to sacrifice your lives for Christ's sake in these blatant wicked and evil times. They are watching, but Christ shall ultimately reign supreme. May our Father AHAYAH (GOD) lead you all and protect his children who are in Christ. Amen (So be it). J.R.Willis