Russell Strand

I am a young self-published author that believes Love is the underlying principle binding all cosmology. I believe in sharing that with peace and truth, through any means possible. The book Wonderland was written to encourage the readers to look deeper into subjects that do not get seen in the mainstream, mysteries and phenomenon's that supposedly can not be explained. With meditation and a lot of soul searching the potential is limitless and this is pure amazement that everybody should feel. With this book, I hope to open the readers eyes to a new way of thinking and living. There is lots to learn in this book with subjects like ancient herbs and medicines, real ancient truths, the truth about cancer and other diseases, alternative medicines, holistic, meditation, spirituality, quantum physics, cryptozoological animals, like sasquatch and the thylacine. From medicinal cannabis and how it kills cancer to medicinal mushrooms, from lucid dreaming to chakra healing, medicinal mushrooms to liver detox. I have also written a lot about true law and how to deal with bailiffs and police, freeman on the land. There is lots of information about poisons that we consume daily such as fluoride, aspartame, chemtrails, mercury and GMOs and lots more. Wonderland is a book pack full of suppressed information that finally gets brought into the light. It is the key to knowing all there is to know. Follow the white rabbit into Wonderland. Paperback book is available here >>> Website @ Blog @ Books are also available on Amazon and Kindle here >>>