Andrew Boland

Andrew Boland is an avid traveller and backpacker from Australia who has keenly put his experiences down in eBook form. He first started travelling in 1999 when he embarked on his first round-the –world adventure on his own. Since then he has visited some 69 countries, and found something inspirational or fascinating in each of them. Andrew has visited Europe and America several times, but also finds adventure in places that are less travelled such as Central Asia and West Africa. In 2004 Andrew embarked upon a journey to travel from Dhaka in Bangladesh to Dakar in Senegal. Andrew travelled through the sub-continent to reach Europe by land, but he didn’t initially make it to Dakar. In 2006 he flew to West Africa (Ghana) to complete the journey, but was struck down by malaria in Burkina Faso and forced to return home. In 2007 Andrew returned to Africa and made it to Dakar. In 2009 Andrew visited Ethiopia and Jordan, and then in 2011 Andrew embarked upon another big journey taking him through South-East Asia, Japan, China, Central Asia, Cameroon and Georgia. Andrew never wants to stop travelling!