Writer: Ea Eon, Publisher Ea Edutainment

Hello, My name is Ea and I´m a Swedish writer. With foundations in creative writing, screenwriting and as a Montessori teacher, my passions include children´s edutainment and I am fascinated with children´s ability to learn languages. I speak three languages (Swedish, English and Brazilian Portuguese) and my children are also brought up in a multi-lingual household. I have written a Fantasy novel which I am now getting ready to edit and publish, but meanwhile I started my online writing career writing children´s books. Since I am an educated Montessori teacher, and have 6 years experience in a preschool with children age 4-6, I am writing educational books to help the children develop, all with their parents loving, tender care of course. Family First is my motto. Another is "You must be the change you wish to see in the world" and only every day I live after that you can do whatever you set your mind too. Ideas come to fast for me to realize them all, but I try to fulfill my dreams every single day. For my Swedish website please visit www.eaeon.se and my English one please visit www.writereaeon.com. I am present on Facebook (www.facebook.com/EaEon and www.facebook.com/EaEdutainment) and I am all other Social Media you can ever imagine! (Websites under construction so please have a little patience. My Facebook page is updated regularly though!) Now, live, fulfill your dreams, help others, smile and let´s get started! ALL MY BOOKS: amazon.com/author/eaeon