Xavier Duval

Xavier Duval started Nihon Tai Jitsu in France in 1998 with Thierry Durand (6th Dan, Seibukan Academy/FMNITAI) and Max Lormeteau (9th Dan, Seibukan Academy/FMNITAI). He trained with many masters from Nihon Tai Jitsu as long as other martial arts (Hapkido, Kali, Aikido, Aunkai, etc.) and had the opportunity to travel to many countries to practice, including Japan and South Korea. After arriving in Hong Kong in 2008, Xavier officially started teaching Nihon Tai Jitsu there in 2012. He also gives regular seminars in Taiwan. Ranks & certifications - Official representative of the FMNITAI in China - 4th Dan Nihon Tai Jitsu - Seibukan Academy, Kyoto / FMNITAI - 4th Dan Nihon Ju Jutsu - FMNITAI - 1st Dan Hapkido/Hankido – International HKD Federation (IHF), Seoul