Moses Yegon

My names are Moses Yegon Iam a University lecturer, Motivational Speaker and Trainer Iam married with one child and educating eight orphans. I have Participated in Community Development Projects Designed and Implemented Iam the founder and brain child of an Non-Governmental Organization called Water Aid & Relief Programme. Achievements • Planted 1,500 tree nursery of Indigenous and exotic trees • Conducted trainings in community on importance of environmental conservation. • Revived a Mala Dairy Milk that stalled ten years ago by bringing in partners like Safaricom to sponsor one cow one farmer. Books I have Authored How To Pass Exams -Academic Laws of Passing Exams -Hidden Secrets of Passing Exams -Successful Living -Active Participation and Passing of Exams -Golden Nuggets of Passing Exams -Tips for Losing Thigh fats in 30 Days -How To Lose Weight 6 Children’s Books for class one (2014) Moses Yegon